In Proceeding of CSCW 2019

eLIFE / Social Network Based Digital Support for Individuals with Autism

Structured learning programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder is a common intervention to help people with ASD develop social skills. But in-class learning does not usually extend beyond the classroom. How can we leverage social network to support continuous learning?

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More Projects


Re-Shape/ A Platform to Cultivate Care in the Practice of Data Science

From IoT infrastructures to health systems, data has become central to the technologies that we interact daily. The ethical use of data should be a critical component in the design of these technologies. How can we shape an ethical awareness and responsible use of data through instructional design?


How You Drink Tea Matters/ Evaluating Effect of Ritual on Social Experience

Tea ceremony is compared to a 'moving meditation'. What is the effect of tea ceremony in relation to cognitive flexibility, positive/negative emotions, and even mindfulness? Can mindfulness be incorporated into our life by something as simple as having a cup of tea?


Bravo/ Iterating to create an Inclusive Underwear Shopping Experience

In-store underwear shopping poses challenges that are not only informational but also psychological. How can we leverage the advantages of online shopping to support more customer control as they navigate in-store?


Artlanta/ /Service Design an Artist Community

The artists of the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition are the makers of the art pieces, but what they essentially contribute to is a community experience. Learning about artists' current experience with the exhibition led us on a journey of service innovation that extends beyond the UCD process.