Rebranding Airbnb with an expanded hospitality package.

Rebranding Airbnb with an expanded hospitality package.


RE: Airbnb - An Automated Ride-Share Service

  • Brand Strategy / Visual Design

  • Airbnb

  • 1.5 Months

  • Individual Project


Project Goal


Bee on the Go aims to incorporate the idea of mobility and holistic hospitality into the existing brand identity of Airbnb. The goal of this project is to create a set of visual language for the speculated automated ride sharing service that reflects the vision of Airbnb - a world where anyone can belong anywhere. 



Bee on the Go

'Bee' grows out of 'Airbnb', where 'b' can be a myriad of things that one potentially encounters during travel (please refer to the Bonus section for examples). 

'Bee' embodies diligence, cooperation and community - part of the broader metaphor of a bee working for and returning to the hive. 

'Bee' is also 'Be', a good wish to seize the moment. So, no pondering about 'to be or not to be'!





Content Writing


Dear rider,


Home is just the beginning. 

Bee on the Go is an automated ride-sharing service that aims to extend the sense of belonging from your home away from home to anywhere on the road. From the moment you arrive at the airport to every adventure that you embark on, Bee on the Go is always there for you, as your intelligent chauffeur, your tour guide, and your travel companion. 

Along with Airbnb's current hospitality package - Homes, Experiences, and Restaurants -  Bee on the Go offers a new way of experiencing travel. You can book your personal Bee as you reserve your Airbnb home or on demand as you travel. You can synchronize your account and preference from the Bee app to the in-car dashboard. And more importantly, you can sit back, enjoy the ride, and trust that your Bee will take you safely back to your hive.

Where would you like to Bee next?



Bee on the Go



Visual Language



UI Speculation



Next Steps

For further iterations of the brand identity, I would like to consider rebranding on a larger scale - with Bee on the Go being the fourth service under the wing of Airbnb, maybe it is time to rebrand Airbnb to capture the comprehensive hospitality service that it provides.


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